A big list of LGBTQIA+ and/or BIPOC created indie tarot and oracle decks

The world of indie tarot decks is vast and is continuing to see more diversity and inclusion in the decks that are being created. As a reference for ourselves, as well as our community, we have begun to compile a dynamic list of LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC tarot decks, specifically created by people within those communities. In this list, you'll find queer tarot, trans tarot, black tarot, indigenous tarot and many other projects coming from varying intersectionalities of identities. Links are provided to the artists and their indie tarot shop (or crowdfunding campaign when applicable). Indie Tarot carries some but not all of these decks. If we carry it, we also link to our online tarot shop.

The criteria that we have used to curate this list is: 

  • The deck has been created by someone who identifies within the LGBTQIA+ and/or BIPOC communities
  • The deck is currently or will be available (at this time we are not including out of print decks)
  • This list includes indie tarot decks, indie oracle decks and indie lenormand decks

This list is full of beautiful tarot decks. I love so many of the decks on this list.

Each offers something unique. A perspective that is worth listening to. At the same time, it's important to note that I do not and you probably won't resonate or agree with every perspective. 

So what are you hoping for from an indie tarot deck? Are you looking to see yourself represented in the deck? Are you looking to be challenged by other perspectives? Are you looking for an as inclusive as possible deck? Do you want a deck with an activist heart? Something that challenges capitalistic systems? Something that does away with the gender binary? Something that challenges the patriarchy? Something that celebrates black culture? 

You can use this list (and the resources linked at the bottom) as a starting point for your own research. There are decks on this list that do some of those things, but I'm not sure I've yet seen a deck that does it all. 

Without further ado, here's the list.



Indie Tarot Decks

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Deck  created by Andrea Furtick

Black Queer Tarot created by Kendrick Daye (he/him)

Blood Moon Tarot created by Sam Guay (they/them)

CULT: A Deck of Tarot created by Killerpancake Illustrations 

Decolonized Tarot (on Kickstarter) created by Maritess Zurbano  & Cathleen Abalos

Dust 2 Onyx Tarot created by Courtney Alexander

Fat Folks Tarot created by "a group of diverse fat artists" (See homepage for all of the individual artists) 

Fifth Spirit Tarot created by Charlie Claire Burgess (they/them)

Fyodor Pavlov Tarot created by Fyodor Pavlov

Gentle Tarot created by Mari in the Sky

Ink Witch Tarot created by Eric Maille

Janus Tarot created by Janie Olivier

Lioness Oracle Tarot created by Alejandra Luisa Léon

Literary Tarot created by The Brink Literacy Project (see Kickstarter for individual artists and authors)

Melanated Tarot created by Julia GoolsbyOubria Tronshaw

Melanade Stand Tarot created by Fontaine Felisha Foxworth

Mother Tarot created by Wren McMurdo Brignac

New Choice Tarot de Marseille created by Rosario Salerno

Numinous Tarot 3rd edition created by Cedar Wren McCloud (they/them)

Patella Tarot created by Paint Fremmerland (they/them/he/him)

Pride Tarot created by 45 diverse artists from around the globe

Sasuraibito Tarot created by Stasia Burrington

Shrine of the Black Medusa Tarot created by Casey Rocheteau (they/them)

Slutist Tarot (2nd edition) created by Morgan Claire Sirene

St Jinx Tarot created by St. Jinx Art 

Superlunaris Tarot (2nd edition) created by Jacob Schaffer & Jess Schuler

Tarot Rama created by Gianluca Floris

The Lubanko Tarot created by Emily Lubanko 

The Next World Tarot created by Cristy C. Road

The Trans Tarot created by Hayden Stern

This Might Hurt created by Isabella Rotman

Transient Light Tarot created by Ari Wisner


Way of the Panda Tarot: Imagine Edition created by Kimberly M. Tsan and illustrated by Celia Libelle

Way of the Baby Panda Tarot created by Kimberly M. Tsan and illustrated by Celia Libelle

#LandBackTarot and Oracles of Colonization deck (on Kickstarter) created by Aunty K


Indie Oracle Decks

Empty Cup Oracle created by Stasia Burrington

Morning Calm Oracle created by Seo Kelleher

Space Girl Oracle created by Stasia Burrington

Stars Divine  created by Alejandra Luisa Léon

The Living Altar Oracle co-created by Ylva Mara Radzisewski (they/them, she/her) and Kiki Robinson (they/them, she/her)

The (Un)certain Oracle created by Cedar Wren McCloud (they/them)

Threadbound Oracle created by Cedar Wren McCloud (they/them)

Vision of the Muse created by Alejandra Luisa Léon


Indie Lenormand Decks

Superlunormand (soon to be on Kickstarter) created by Jacob Schaffer & Jess Schuler

The Paper Oracle Lenormand Deck created by Eric Maille



Further Resources

Looking for further lists of diverse tarot decks? 

There's a thread started in 2019 on The Tarot Forum 

Asali has a great list in Tarot of the QTPOC

Indie Deck Review often posts reviews which include their thoughts on the real world representation in the deck


Support this project

If you know of a deck that is not on the list and should be, or one that you feel should not be included, please let us know and we will update the list as we are able! Thank you!