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Threadbound Oracle

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The Deck

The Threadbound Oracle is a 50-card oracle deck made for divination, storytelling, and self-discovery. Its imagery and theme center around bookbinding, magic, and story craft—in fact, the whole deck is both inspired by and appears in The Thread That Binds, the deck’s companion novel. You don’t have to read the novel to use the deck, but they’ve been created to work together in beautiful harmony.

The Threadbound Oracle contains 29 Story cards and 21 suit cards, all originally painted in watercolor and inks. The Story cards feature larger narrative archetypes much like the Major Arcana of traditional Tarot, while the suit cards deal with smaller and more specific meanings. There are three suits: Paper, Ink, and Thread. Each card is titled with three keywords to help you remember its intended meaning, though you're welcome to form your own.

The Creator

Creator Cedar McCloud says: "As humans, storytelling has always been part of our DNA. From the oldest of myths, to the newest book release, to the memories we replay in our head, the stories we tell ourselves are some of the deepest magic on the planet. I'm not the first person to connect a work of fiction with a Tarot or oracle deck, and I certainly won't be the last! The storytelling connection between cartomancy and prose is a strong one, and I hope that by offering them together, your experience will be all the richer for it. "

You can find them on their Patreon and Instagram.


The Specs

  • 50-card deck
  • Standard tarot size printed on quality 350gsm cardstock with a textured linen finish
  • 100 page guidebook. Same size as the cards. Contains interpretations for all 50 cards, as well as instructions and suggestions for using the deck.
  • Contained in a sturdy magnetic flap box shaped like a book
  • Thread that binds ebook is available directly via Cedar's site
  • Cedar donates $2 of every Threadbound Oracle purchase to the Library Foundation of Los Angeles to help fund programs, resources, and services for those in need.