The Next World Tarot - Box

The Next World Tarot

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The Deck

The Next World Tarot Card Deck is Cristy C. Road's post-apocalyptic reclamation of magic. Featuring body outlaws, endangered cultures, and anti-colonial belief systems, The Next World Tarot envisions a world where justice relies on respect and revolutionary love. The Fool’s Journey is about smashing systematic oppression, owning their truths, being accountable to the people and places that support them, and taking back a connection to their body that may have been lost through trauma or societal brainwashing. The Next World Tarot is a visual spectacle of both the battle cry and the reconnection between outcasts and their criminalised identities.


The Creator

Cristy says: "The Tarot is an ancient spiritual tool that has been re-written over and over to aid and abet varying value systems and communities. Through each deck's unique storytelling, authors and artists have been proving that magic is multifaceted, and intuitive systems of divination [like the Tarot] could be accessed by all people. While the Tarot is consistent, it's always relative to the reader/viewer. We want to find ourselves in our decks, and we want them to tell our story."

 You can find Cristy on Instagram and her website.

The Specs

  • 78 large size Tarot Cards (4 x 6 inches, full color)

  • Accompanying guidebook