The Literary Tarot Booster Pack

The Literary Tarot Booster Pack

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A set of 6 Major Arcana booster cards to sub or add into your Literary Tarot deck. 

The Cards

The booster pack includes two versions of The Lovers and one each of The Magician, Death, The Star and The Moon.

The booster cards were a stretch goal in the Kickstarter campaign. Backers voted on five of their favourite Major Arcana cards to pair as a community. Major Arcana artist, Sam Dow brought the art to life and Nate Ragolia, leader of the tarot advisors, penned the meaning of each pairing. 

The Specs

  • 6 cards, 2.75" x 4.75"
  • premium heavyweight card stock
  • gold embellishments on both sides

You can find the meanings of the booster pack cards in the Oracle's Atlas, A Campanion to the Literary Tarot: Classics Edition which is sold separately here.

You can purchase the Booster Pack as part of a The Literary Tarot Bundle with The Literary Tarot Classics Edition Deck and Oracle's Atlas here