Telos Tarot of 777
Telos Tarot of 777
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Telos Tarot of 777

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Introducing Telos Tarot of 777, a 78 card tarot deck ritually created for magical purposes, using astrological timings and following magical tarot and decan descriptions per Crowley’s table of magical correspondences, 777. This deck just met it's funding goal on Kickstarter!

The deck

Telos Tarot of 777 was drawn and painted by M.M. Meleen. The art was created by hand using illustration techniques and traditional art materials of ink, paint, and colored pencil, without any digital process or AI influence. Each card was painted in the colors of the Golden Dawn color scales for the card. Complex geometric designs were done by hand with drafting gears.

For this deck, the aspiration was to make a tarot especially suited for magic, by having:

  •  major arcana that actually truly follow the "correct design" descriptions of 777 (per the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn)
  • minor cards that reconcile the "magical images of the decans" in 777 (based mostly on the Picatrix), to traditional tarot images and meanings
  • all painted with the precise colors of the Golden Dawn color scales
  • all created and worked on during their corresponding appropriate astrological periods

These cards are not clones of the RWS or Thoth; they have their own original designs though there are a few purposeful references here and there for fun. However, you will find their depictions easy to recognize, for they follow the traditional card symbolism and meanings.  The minor cards also all have the correct number of elemental implements of their suit (Wands, Cups, Swords, or Disks/Pentacles).

The creator

M.M. Meleen is an artist, author, and occult practitioner. Pagan, Buddhist, Jedi Knight? Probably just a Thelemite!

The specs

  • 78 cards, 3.25"x 5," printed in full color in the USA
  • 350 gsm card stock, rounded corners
  • 79th title card signed by me
  • packaged in a locally made two-part rigid box, lined with matching deluxe satin ribbon, wrapped in Scorpionic green paper embossed with a foiled uppercase phi symbol