Where can I buy tarot and oracle decks?

Looking for a new tarot deck? Location and niche are important things to consider when deciding on where to buy your tarot decks. Some online tarot shops offer limited shipping, and some offer shipping worldwide. In addition, most online shops curate their inventory with a particular niche in mind. For example, Indie Tarot stocks indie tarot and oracle decks with a focus on LGBTQ+ and BIPOC creators, and we ship to the EU, and many other locations globally. 

We've curated a list of independently run online tarot shops where you can locate almost any tarot deck: from out of print decks to mass produced decks; rare finds to the newest indie releases. From our research, all of these stores ship worldwide unless a specific region is noted. This list is intended as a resource, and shipping policies for individual stores are subject to change, so please confirm that the store ships to your location before ordering. 


What are the best online tarot shops in the EU?

Indie Tarot is a values-driven online tarot shop which sells a diverse collection of indie tarot and oracle decks, specifically highlighting LGBTQ+ and BIPOC creators. They are based in the Netherlands and ship within the EU and to many other locations globally. 

Tarot shops in Germany

Kismet is an online "mysitical lifestyle" shop that carries tarot and oracle decks. Kismet focuses on independent designers and ethically sourced and produced products. They ship to all EU countries, Switzerland and Norway. They have suspended shipping to the UK at the moment. 


Tarot shops in the Netherlands

The House of Formlab is a physical shop (located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) which sells tarot and oracle decks as well crystals and other magick items. This store also has an online shop in which they offer world-wide shipping. 

Tarocks is an online tarot shop that has a collection of old and rare tarot decks as well as those that are new to the market. You can also shop in-person at their beautiful physical location named Fabula Rosa located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Tarot.nl is an online tarot shop with a large collection of mostly mass market tarot decks available including Dutch language tarot decks.


Tarot shops in Bulgaria

Tarot BG is an online tarot shop located in Bulgaria in the EU. They stock decks from around the world and ship worldwide.


Tarot shops in Italy

The Alida Store is an online tarot shop as well as a physical store located in Italy. Alida has a large selection of rare and historical decks. They ship worldwide from Italy.


Tarot shops in the UK

Little Red Tarot, located in the UK, is a values-driven online tarot shop with an amazing collection of indie tarot and oracle decks. This shop ships within the UK.


Tarot shops in Singapore

Love.Magic.Sparkles is an online tarot shop which carries indie tarot and oracle decks as well as other "magical" things. They are based in Singapore and ship worldwide. Before ordering, take into account that shipping rates are determined by country, there is not a flat international rate. 

Have we forgotten your favourite tarot shop? Send us a message and we will update the list as we are able.